Mechanical Mods and Rebuildables

Everything Needed for Advanced Vapers

Flavr carries a wide variety of today’s hottest mods and rebuildable RBAs and RDAs. Check out Lancaster’s largest selection of mods and rebuildable supplies, including:

Mechanical Mods
We carry a tremendous selection of mechanical mods and box mods in all sizes, including 18650, 26650, 18500 and 18350 configurations. We stock mechanical mods in both authentic and clone versions to fit every budget.

Flavr has dozens of different rebuildable attys. Whether you prefer a dripper RDA or a tank RBA, or a Genesis-style rebuildable, we have it.

Batteries and Chargers
We carry a tremendous selection of the best and safest batteries and battery chargers available.

Rebuildable Supplies
Stop in a grab everything you need for rebuilding, including organic cotton, wick, Kanthal in eight resistance levels, mesh, ohm meters and rebuilding tools.

Free Coil Wrapping
Our experience team members are always willing to wrap coils for your rebuildable. Free coil wrapping is available all day on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and with any purchase of a mod or rebuildable atty every day of the week.

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