Flavr Juice

Flavr Juice is our exclusive line of premium, hand crafted e-liquids available in 0, 3, 6, 12 and 18mg/mL nicotine strengths. It is sold in 15mL bottles in our retail vape shop and is available in larger 350mL Jugs by special order (call or email us). Our extensive selection of flavors is listed below.

Blueberry Crisp Blueberry Muffin with a twist.
Fruit Loop Dingus Made for cereal lovers, this unique juice tastes just like a bowl of fruit loops.
Holy Crepe Warm crepes filled with vanilla crème topped with fresh citrus fruits in a light syrup
Hot Cocoa Rich and fudgy…a chocolate lover’s dream.
It’s Raining Menthol Peppermint Menthol
Java Me Nuts A tasty hazelnut coffee vape with a creamy twist.
Jedi Mind Trick A fruity mystery, it is. Like nothing you’ve ever tried before! May the force be with you!
Mellow Yellow Lemon citrus with a hint of tangerine.
NaPom Pomegranates and berries wrapped in cool menthol.
Pimp Cane A refreshing, minty vape that tastes just like a candy cane.
Root Beer Barrel Like the famous little root beer barrel hard candy.
Salted Caramel Smooth caramel flavor with a touch of salt on the inhale and a sweet vanilla caramel on the exhale.
Strawberried Alive Ripe, field-picked strawberry.
Sucker Punch Tropical punch with a spin.
Water Bomb A curious combination of flavorful watermelon, rich vanilla bean and light menthol.
Yummy Bear Handful of gummy bears.

After trying hundreds of vape liquids – and being disappointed by many – we decided to create our own line of premium e-cig liquids aptly named Flavr Juice. What makes Flavr Juice the preferred e-liquid for thousands of vapers?

We Used Only the Best & Safest Ingredients.
Flavr Juice is diacetyl-free and alcohol-free. We use only the best laboratory-grade US-made nicotine, USP Kosher vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol and top-quality flavoring concentrates made in the USA. Flavr Juice contains no fillers, no added chemicals, and no dyes. If we wouldn’t vape it, we simply won’t make it.

We Work Diligently to Make Every Flavor a Winner.
There are plenty of poor-tasting juices on the market. We work hard to develop unique blends which satisfy a wide range of taste buds. And we pay attention to the smallest of details. For example, we pre-steep every hand-made batch of Flavr Juice in our laboratory for a minimum of three weeks before bottling. Our goal is to produce liquids that our customers love!

We Put Quality First.
By focusing on maintaining a consistently high level of quality rather than making hundreds of mediocre vape liquids, you can be assured of a highly quality vaping experience with Flavr Juice. Every bottle of Flavr Juice is produced in our tightly-controlled laboratory by experienced technicians well-versed in food science and chemistry. We use the best equipment, hand make each batch, regularly test our nicotine concentrations, bottle in glass bottles and batch-test each liquid to guarantee 100% satisfaction for our valued customers.


Flavr Juice may be purchased at Flavr Vapor Lounge, Lancaster PA. We are planning on adding online shopping options in the near future. Watch our Facebook Page for frequent giveaways and Flavr Juice promotions.

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