Vapor Cafes and Vapor Lounges: Amenities to Look For

What Amenities Will You Find in a Premium Vapor Cafe?

There are many names for vape shops that have a cafe atmosphere: vape lounge, vapor cafe, vape bar. Regardless of the name, vapor cafes and vapor lounges distinguish themselves from the average vape store by offering luxurious amenities and features that retails stores lack. Here’s a list of our favorite features of well-known vape lounges, vapor cafes and other vape-friendly venues:

Comfortable Atmosphere
The difference between a vapor lounge and a regularly old vape shop is that vapor lounges create a cafe-like atmosphere where you can relax and hang out with friends, read, surf the web and try a wide variety of juices and e-liquids. Oversized chairs, tables, and high-end audio and video systems dominate vape lounges all over the country.

Private Juice Tasting
You can’t be called a vape lounge or vape cafe without a private area where vapers can sample e-liquids! High end vape lounges like Flavr offer a more relaxing setting where you can try juices as many juices as much as you’d like at your own pace. Look for clean, hygienic testing equipment that are clearly labelled by juice flavor. Some vapor cafes even offer menus and information about each e-liquid profile to help you find the right juice.

Coffee and Cold Beverages
Nothing says cafe quite like coffee. Vapor cafes feature coffee (usually free to customers) so that vapers can vape and get a java fix at the same time. Many vape lounges also offer cold beverages to chase away the dreaded “vape tongue.”

Free Wifi and Phone Charging
Vapers are a connected group. High-end vape lounges offer free high-speed wifi and plenty of outlets for charging smartphones, tablets and laptops. Some vapers even set up office in their local vapor cafe, catching up on emails or doing research for work or school.

Music and TV
Imagine sitting back and vaping some new juices while listening to some music or watching a movie? At many vape lounges, you can. High-end vape lounges offer streaming movies, the latest sporting events and crystal clear music to vape to!

Coil Wrapping Supplies
A common site in most vape shops are vapers rebuilding their attys. Some vape lounges offer professional rebuilding (usually for free), demos on the latest rebuilding techniques and plenty of rebuilding supplies like coil, wick, cotton and mesh. Some even have battery-charging stations and ohm meters on hand too!

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