The Milk Man Cometh

MilkMan Hero

One Hit Wonder made a huge splash in the industry this year with their ultra-successful launch of Muffin Man, and it seems they’ve done it again with Milk Man. We were lucky enough to be one of the first shops in the country to carry this fan favorite.

Touted as “Top Shelf E-Liquid”, reviewers from all over have claimed that Milk Man is “the best strawberry and cream there is.” That’s pretty tall talk for a flavor that nearly every juice company has tried there hand at. But one taste and you’ll likely be nodding your head in agreement: Milk Man just may be the BEST mix of strawberries and cream anywhere to be found.

What makes Milk Man different from the rest? Rather than an overpoweringly sweet strawberry flavor, The Milk Man plays on notes of uniquely refreshing milk cream on the inhale followed by subtly sweet undertones of fresh strawberries that builds over the course of each vape. If it sounds complex, it is – but we find that this sort of detail is what makes super-premium juices stand above the average. It’s 100% handcrafted in Los Angeles, California using 100% USA grown and extracted TruNic Liquid Nicotine – again, a better process and better ingredients produce better juices, period. The team at One Hit Wonder has proven before that they know what they’re doing, and The Milk Man is just one more example of their talent and dedication to the vape community.

The Milk Man comes in a 6 oz. plastic squeeze bottle along with 2 empty 15ml plastic unicorn bottles for convenience. The Milk Man is already proving to be an extremely popular juice, so stop by Flavr today and try it out before it’s gone.

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