Teen Vaping: Should You Worry?

Teen Vaping

The booming popularity of e-cigarettes, just like any lifestyle choice, has brought its share of supporters and detractors. As scientific studies catch up to the vaping trend, bigger and better research indicates that using e-cigs are far safer for yourself and the people around you than smoking cigarettes could ever be. With better data and more real-world testimonials, vaping’s popularity is hitting meteoric levels; in fact, researchers predict that vaping product sales will eclipse cigarette sales by 2023.

E-cigarettes are becoming more prevalent in all walks of society, and vaping amongst teenagers is no exception. A 2014 national high school survey found more monthly vapers than monthly smokers: 17% of US 12th-grade students had reported using e-cigarettes in the past 30 days compared to 14% for tobacco cigarettes. Although the vaping industry has set a self-imposed minimum age of 18 to buy e-cigs, vaping products are readily available online with no real proof of age required. (Flavr does not sell to people under the age of 18.) Statistics don’t lie, and it’s clear that more and more high school students are vaping. Uncomfortable parent/teen confrontations aside (“Billy, I found this in your drawer. What is it?”), the question remains: is vaping harmful to teens? If I catch my teen vaping, what should I do?

I F*ckin’ Love Science, a popular science blog with more than 20 million monthly readers, took on these tough questions. Backed by mounds of scientific data and packed with straightforward advice for parents and teens, their article on teen vaping has cleared up misconceptions for many parents of teens who are concerned for their health and the potential effects of vaping. It was so good we had to share. You can read the entire IFLS article here.

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