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Choosing the Right Setup

After deciding you want to try vaping, the first question you probably asked yourself was, “Now what?”

Choosing the right setup for yourself is key to achieving the goal you have set for yourself. If you want something small and inconspicuous, an eGo-C battery and a disposable CE4 clearomizer might be for you. If you’re looking for something inexpensive but something that still gives you control over how strong your vapes will be, you may want to try a variable voltage battery, like a SMOK eGo Winder with an eVod clearomizer. If you like something a little fancier, we have designer batteries with beautiful and unique designs!

If you’re a heavy smoker that has tried again and again and failed to quit smoking, or if you’ve had an eGo and are interested in upgrading, you may want to try the Joyetech eVic or the SMOK Zmax or Zmax Mini with one of our bigger tanks like the Protank II. Each device is equipped with a small display screen, which makes it easy to adjust the output of your battery and customize how each vape will feel. The eVic even keeps track of the length of your vapes and how many times you are vaping a day! By plugging it into your computer, you can keep even track and share your progress.

For advanced vapers, we carry a wide variety of mechanical mods, like Grand Vapor Mod’s famous Sentinel, and rebuildable tanks (RBA) like the Prometheus, Steam Turbine, Kayfun, Oddy and more.

For vapers that have beaten their addiction to nicotine, or for those who just vape for the fun, we offer nicotine-free (0mg) e-liquids. We also offer e-liquids with nicotine in the following strengths: 6mg/ml, 12mg/ml, and 18mg/ml. These are equivalent to ultra-light, light, and regular (full) strength cigarettes, respectively.

The amount one smokes should determine the size battery you’ll need. If you smoke a lot, you may want a bigger battery so you can vape more often without worrying about your battery dying. We recommend purchasing a kit that comes with two batteries to avoid a dead battery when you’re out and about.

Regardless of your past experience with vaping, we have many options to fit every situation. Choosing the right vaping setup for yourself is the key to maximizing your vaping enjoyment – and if you’re unsure of what’s right for you, the best advice is: stop by Flavr Vapor Lounge. We’re here to help!

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