Like Snapple? You’ll Love Snap


Snap Liquids could easily blend in to vaping’s burgeoning lines of hand-crafted e-liquids hailing from from LA without anyone taking notice except for one thing – their first juice, Peach Iced Tea, is inspired by Snapple’s product of the same name. And when I say ‘inspired’, I really mean ‘dead ringer’. It’s quickly becoming a cult favorite.

With an established and growing fan base (Snap’s Instagram page has nearly 5,000 followers), vape shops around the country are starting to take notice. And Flavr was one of them.

“We’re always looking for unique juices to bring in,” says Evan Urban, Flavr’s General Manager. “Snap fit the bill. All of us at the shop couldn’t stop vaping it from the day we got our sample bottle until it was gone, which was later than same day. To avoid a peach-tea-withdrawal mutiny, I gladly placed our first order. Rush shipping, of course.”

So far, Snap Liquids has released one signature flavor, which is a 70VG/30VG blend, but the company promises more. Snap Liquid’s Peach Iced Tea e-liquid is available in 30 mL bottles and comes in 0, 3, 6 and 12 nic strengths.

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