The Flavr Vapor Lounge

All of us at Flavr Vapor invite you to visit our Juice Tasting Lounge, where you can try the entire range of our premium juice flavors – for free!

Each juice comes in five nicotine strength levels: 0 mg (no nicotine), 3 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg and 18 mg. No matter the flavor or brand of juice you want to try, you can try it in our Tasting Lounge compliments of Flavr Vapor.

When you visit Flavr Vapor, stop by the Tasting Lounge and grab our Juice Menu. Your Flavr Vapor team will provide you with everything you need to try our entire selection of premium vapor liquids and juices – including batteries and disposable mouthpieces. When you find the juices you like, simply mark your menu with the desired nicotine strength and bottle size. When you’re done, give your completed menu to one of our hosts, who will then gather the juices you want and help you complete your purchase.

At Flavr, your convenience and enjoyment is important to us. We look forward to helping you find the perfect juices for your palate.

Lancaster’s #1 Place for Vapor Enthusiasts

Beyond the positive benefits to your health and finances, vaping enthusiasts are part of a broader community working together to educate others on the relaxing benefits of vaping, discuss new vapor products, try new juices and make new friends.