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Here’s what people are saying about Flavr Vapor Lounge and Vape Shop.

Changing People’s Lives
“I wanted to give you a shout out for your Flavr Lounge.  My dad is battling cancer and one of the main goals was to get him to quit smoking.  When I saw you opened the lounge I knew that would be our place to go when the time was right.  We went in 2 weeks ago and your staff was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable.  My dad is old, grumpy and a 50-year smoker.  We got him a starter kit and he hasn’t had a cigarette since. I felt compelled to let you know that your business is helping change people’s lives. “ – John C., Lancaster PA

Helpful & Service Oriented
“I have to say that Evan, Cara and the entire crew at Flavr really make visiting the store worth my time. They are always willing to spend whatever time I need explaining things and making it all make sense. There are a lot of retailers out there who don’t get this. I’ll never buy vaping stuff online because the value of their help and actually being able to hold things and see how they feel is much more valuable than a few extra bucks in my pocket. Flavr prices are very competitive so “a few extra bucks” isn’t even always the case.” – Russell F., Lancaster PA

Your Juice Kicks Butt
I’ve been vaping for years and have tried every line of e-juice. I use mostly high PG blends and if I see a thicker juice I think right off I won’t like it – BUT your juice line truthfully blew me away. I usually fill my tank 3-6 times per day and I’m only filling one or two times per day now with Flavr Juice…it lasts so long!  I don’t know how you guys are making such kick butt e-juice, but the flavor is incredible, throat hit is beyond great, lasts way longer and I am one happy vaper right now! I’m hooked! I’m going to be a loyal customer! Thanks Flavr Vapor Lounge!” – Mindy C., York PA

If You Want to Quit, Try Flavr
“I am starting my 6th day of no smoking. I am vaping, and it works – I have no cravings and I haven’t killed anyone.  After 50, that’s right, 50 years of smoking, I might be on the right path to being a non-smoker!!! If you want to quit, try Flavr!” – Suzanne N., Harrisburg PA

I Fell In Love with Flavr
“I stopped in yesterday and fell in love with the place. I got everything I needed to help quit smoking and I have not had a cigarette in over 24 hours thanks to you and your great products! After tasting (and purchasing) Napom, I have to say I can’t even think about smoking another cigarette. I can’t thank you guys enough!” – Jessica G., Ephrata PA

Vaping Works
“All I can say is WOW, I Am impressed! My daughter has bugged me for years to quit smoking, my doctor has urged me to quit and my son, who recently made me a granny, said he wouldn’t bring the baby to my house as long as I continued to smoke. (Note: I have smoked tobacco for 45 years!) So, my son brought me to Flavr  3 days ago and… I HAVE NOT CRAVED A CIG FOR 3 DAYS!!!! In the past I’ve tried EVERYTHING!! Gums, patches, cold turkey….nothing every worked.  THIS THING WORKS!!! I love my eGo kit and I especially love Flavr Vapor Lounge! Can’t wait to try all the juices…YUM!” – Connie G., Lancaster PA

I’m Officially Smoke-free
“It’s been one week since I’ve bought a pack of cigarettes thanks to my friends at Flavr Vapor Lounge! This weekend will officially be one week smoke-free! WooHoooo!” – Alaina N., Marietta PA

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