Doughboys Vaped Goods

Doughboys Vaped Goods Eliquid

Doughnuts. Who doesn’t like ’em? Their delicious, soft, chewy goodness is nearly impossible to resist, but indulge too often and you’ll feel your belt tighten. What’s a fan of these glorious circular treats to do? Buy bigger pants or try Doughboys Vaped Goods, that’s what.

Doughboys Vaped Goods is – you guessed it – a new doughnut-inspired line of e-liquids. Your taste buds will be hooked on the velvety clouds and sweet bakery smells wafting around anyone who satisfies their sweet tooth with Doughboys’ first two amazing flavors:

This enchanting cake doughnut flavor is jam packed with plump, sweetly succulent, and freshly ripened blueberries. Bloobies is baked to perfection, with a rich golden-glaze finish. This juice is top of the line, packs a big behind, and won’t affect your waistline.

A warm cake doughnut hand-dipped into rich velvety chocolate. It needs no more words.

The Doughboys Vaped Goods line is available at Flavr in 30mL bottles in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg strength. Stop by Flavr today and experience Doughboys for yourself.

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