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Flavr Vapor Lounge & Vape Shop

Flavr Vapor Lounge is a premium vape shop located in Lancaster, PA, catering to vapers in Lancaster, Ephrata, York, Lebanon, Reading and Harrisburg.

Our goal at Flavr is to elevate your vaping experience with premium products, personalized attention and the highest quality juices – all in an atmosphere unlike any other. Giving you the best vaping experience is what we’re all about.

Below is a summary of what makes Flavr unique. We cordially invite you to experience Flavr for yourself and look forward to serving you in the future.

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Lancaster’s #1 Place for Vapor Enthusiasts

Beyond the positive benefits to your health and finances, vaping enthusiasts are part of a broader community working together to educate others on the relaxing benefits of vaping, discuss new vapor products, try new juices and make new friends.


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